Divergent Connections Orchestra: SCORES 6 - 9

new studio album of improvisational ensemble Divergent Connections Orchestra - dir. Pavel Zlámal

distribution: Polí5


Improvised music needs true and determined approach, in fact not only from players but also listeners. Actually only then it can work thouroughly, bring something new, unexpected, yet meaningful, something worth doing and worth experiencing. Speaking of this kind of music I like the word „unforseen“, as improvisation has power to introduce moments, which could be hardly designed in advance (composed) therefore also repeated with the true autenticity. Skills, determination and an open mind of every player is crucially important, yet it is a starting point. Only on top of that can happen something more, unexpected, unforseen, far beyond individual control and intentions. An act of „magic“ comming from a different level - perhaps from the level of higher collective consciousness (?) As such, impro music is bounded to the transient moment of its creation, and any effort to take it out from this context makes it somehow less meaningfull, or even empty.

Our original plan with DCO was to record several composed pieces and structures (Scores No.1 – 4*), but we ended up recording some kind of mirrorings or reflections to the originals, completely improvised „Scores“ No.6 – 9, which became the actual content of the album.


I know what I‘ve just said about the nature of impro music. Nevertheless, we did the thing and we actually like the recorded music itself. I really appreciate the selfless approach of the orchestra and technical team, and I think it would be sad to waste the energy. Working with DCO is always special and I‘m happy the album is done and ready for „out-of-context“, or even repeated, listening. I hope you‘ll find it worth experiencing.

*Score No.5 was additionally performed as a studio concert open for public


Pavel Zlamal

recorded at Studio of Orli Theater, Brno, Czech Rep. 26.2.2020

Petr Ptáček - drums

Kristian Kuruc - drums

Vladimír Třebický - percussion

Peter Korman - doublebass

Vladimír Micenko - bass guitar

Jan Navrátil - electric guitar

Edgar Mojdl - Teremin, flutes, optical rod

Michal Indrák - synthesizer

Martin Konvička - piano / fender rhodes

Jaroslav Šťastný - hammond organ

Michal Cálik - trumpet

Šimon Pavlík - trombone

Radim Hanousek - soprano / bariton sax

Anna Neugebauerová - violin

Zuzana Barochová - soprano

Petr Toman - voice

Pavel Zlámal - conductor, clarinet, tenor sax